Who We are
 What makes sets us apart


Modern Concepts

Our state-of-the-art photo and video studio coupled with the zeal of our professional staff, Absolut Resolution stands out as one of the industry’s leaders. With over 10 years experience in the field, we are your first choice to capture special moments.

Whether you are shooting product, fashion, food or video, our thoughtfully designed, comfortable space will accommodate your team and your clients.

Absolut Resolution

be in motion.


Let's help you create images worth sharing!

Our process

Understanding the clients brand

Customer and client understanding is important for every B2C and B2B company regardless of its domain.

For us, understanding the client’s needs and business specifics is essential

Concept design & development

New! Lifestyle decors in which you will feel at home! Concrete wall and floor, brick wall, carpet, bed, cushions, chairs, designer toys are all new elements with which you can interact and offer to our photographers the perfect opportunity to seize you in your best light! All of these elements can be used to come up with the concept which meets our clients bespoke needs.

Execute the shoot

All our staff are passionate and have only one goal: to create images that reflect your personality. They will create just the right ambiance to highlight and capture the intimate moments of your everyday life. Laughs, emotions … they will make you live an unforgettable experience. 

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